(the short movie, 2021)

The film „Gathering“ follows the crisis of a young woman, who no longer finds any meaning in the way of life of the middle class. The crisis of capitalism and the concept of freedom is broken through the relationship with her partner (who is a deaf person) and arouses in them various feelings and needs (which appear in the film as separate characters). As the story progresses, we are increasingly introduced to the inner reality of the characters.

Written and directed: Marko Pejovic

DoP: Stefan Momirov

Editor: Nataa Pavlovic

Assistant director: Jana Milenkovic

Location sound recordist: Milos Ivanic

Costume Designer: Boris Caksiran

Cast: Jovana Rakic, Stojan Simic, Branka Milenkovic, Nenad Novakovic, Predrag Kotur, Vera Jovanovic, Isidor Bojic, Andrej Malesevic, Natascha Schmelz

Production assistant: Bojan Glavonic

Costume assistant: Petra Fotez

First assistant camera: Jovan Nedeljkov

Proofreaders: Milica Ponjavic (for Serbian) and Marianne Newfield DJordjevic (for English)

Production:  Gtoup „Let’s…“ / Grupa „Hajde da…“

Financial support: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia; Studio 13; Pogon