The play ensued as a result of a project that deals with inclusion of young female artists from the field of contemporary dance into professional work, ensued from need to empower young people who are in the process of learning or want to deal with contemporary dance.

The play is focused on their relationship towards contemporary dance and dance institutions, their understanding of (current) terms on a dance scene, their understanding of future, choices and decisions with which they will have to meet as well as on their views on what is offered to them in the field of art to consume and to deal with.


Species is a piece where the choreographer, with the support of a dramatist, gives a frame and principles, and performers define parameters as text, rhythm, pauses, the degree of presence and absence. Performers (authentically) reply to some different assignments, tell their experiences, putting them, however, in a broader social context. The play tries, partially, to give an answer to a connection that several-generation-team makes, where several references are introduced (in)directly and where it is not always clear who speaks to whom, where the tasks are multidimensional and the answers are mixing. That way specific is intensified and cancelled, and the narrative structure evade. New species are investigated, they are a construct, therefore elusive.

Concept and coreography: Jovana Rakić

Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Performing, text: Jana Milenković, Mina Kontić, Nataša Šmelc, Tamara Pjević

Music: BCH

Production: Stanica Servis za savremeni ples