Sound Installation in Four Images

The idea of the installation is based on different experiences of space and time in intermedia form.

Text template for this work is Björk Gudmundsdottir’s (singer, actress, composer and producer) reflections about the sound, space, texture and humans. The sound of her voice is incorporated into the sound installation. Installation is inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

Author: Boris Čakširan

Text and dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Composer: Aleksandar Đokić

Video editor: Ana Ćosović

Lighting design: Borislav Stamenkov

Production: ERGstatus Dance Theatre

Traveler 1: Bojana Mišić

Traveler 2: Jelena Stojiljković

Traveler 3: Vesna Nestorović

Traveler 4: Vera Jovanović

Tatjana Nježić, Dnevne novine Blic

The audience found pictures shaped with sound and video projections. They lead the viewer through four dimensions that are an integral part of the experience of modern existence. The project is inclusive because it involves people with disabilities, while the play itself uses different languages of body expression, such as contemporary dance, physical theater, sign language…