Scrape showed up as a hint, as a feeling of – skin, somatic. It becomes the articulation of the state when bodies mix, dance bodies with others.

Flinch, pain, numbness exist only if there is someone else to feel them. Bodies emerge and disappear on the border zones of light. Mirage when looking through windshield by night.

Scrape is a dance research project inspired by actions in which the human body is inhabited by a number of cultural patterns and social relations and needs. The authors started from the research of their own body images, but also from different points from which the human body can be conceived, and how to produce bodies which have a particular function in a social context. They also reflect on how we conceive others and how significant this is in psychological, cultural and social context. The result is constant playing with light in the field of visual, with things that can or cannot be seen, findings about others, and about all those marginal areas of our personal and collective experience.

The principles of analyzing a dance work proposed in Marko Pejović‘s book ‘‘Four Discursive Points of Dance Practice“ have been used during the entirety of the production process.

Concept and choreography: Jovana Rakić

Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Performance and artistic collaboration: Jana Milenković, Milica Pisić and Natascha Schmelz
Sound design: Bojan Palikuća

Costume: Boris Čakširan

Graphic design: Katarina Popović

Production: Ksenija Đurović