In the world of modern technologies, word RESET means „to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state“ (Wikipedia).

Electronic systems have their life cycles. They get created and they operate. They also die. They get attacked by viruses. They lose their energy by activating several sub-systems simultaneously. Sometimes, they fail to recognize other systems, establish communication, be compatible and cooperate. They get bugged, enter uncontrollable states and break down. They have to be stopped, all activities have to be cancelled, in order to restore their energy and for processors to be able to operate again, and thus contently „buzz“.

It seems that we have the same situation with humans. The RESET performance is a story about waking up, about restarting.

The play „Reset“ is part of the „Body Frame“ project, which the Group “Let’s…” started in June 2008 and includes performing artists with and without disabilities.

Choreography: Danica Arapović
Music: Aleksandra Đokić
Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović
Costumes, scenography, lightning designs: Boris Čakširan
Performers: Ana Ignjatović-Zagorac, Danijel Todorović, Jelena Stojiljković, Jovana Rakić, Senad Sopnić, Stojan Simić
Photography: Aleksandar Milosavljević

In 2010, the performance won the „Award for specific expression in the border area between theater and other arts and creativity in the broadest sense“, on 37th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre (INFANT) in Novi Sad.

Milica Zajcev, DANAS – daily newspapers, Dec 14th, 2009
This time, with ripeness that impresses, Danica Arapović has created a performance that formally lays on joint dance of the three couples, trios, duets and solos, all being truly and obviously coloured by natural elegance and stunning sensibility, with an attractive and intriguing dancing flow. Marko Pejović – a dramatist, has played another fairly important role in this project, convincing us that contemporary dance must also have a dramaturgy, that was thoroughly thought through and elaborated. All these contributed to the fact that there was a very discreet and modest boundary between the achievement of professional and highly expressive dancers – Ana Ignjatovic-Zagorac, Jelena Stojiljkovic and Jovana Rakic, and the appearance and dancing of Danijel Todorovic, Senad Sopnic and Stojan Simic (dancers with disabilities).