When discussing the relationship between a dog and its owner – it is clear who’s who.

When a switch takes place and a human is taken out of his/her role and placed in that of a dog, what happens? Do the nature and instinct of a dog wake up in him/her? With such change, is society being slowly transformed into a pack of dogs? Does then the culture of violence become the norm which is passed down generations? In any case, when violence comes back to those who nurtured it, the consequences are frightened.

Idea and choreography: Boris Čakširan

Music: Aleksandra Đokić

Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Set and costumes: Boris Čakširan

Video: Andrijana Lubina i Boris Zemljačenko

Special guest choreographer: Bojana Mišić

Dancers: Jelena Stojiljković, Jovana Raki Kiselčić & Stojan Simić

Production: ERGstatus and UK Vuk Karadzic

Milica Zajcev, Dnevni list Danas
Artists of this remarkable dance performance create a series of carefully shaped dance miniatures, each of which, and in harmonious unity, using unyielding elimination of everything dignified, explore the limits of our own conscience.