Born in 1972. Graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology at the Belgrade University. He completed education for psychoanalytic psychotherapy, as well as Interdisciplinary master studies in Theory of Arts and Media at the University of Art in Belgrade. He completed the 1st level of the Film School "Square/Kvadrat". He is one of the founders of the Group “Let’s…”, an NGO from Belgrade, where he works as a manager and a trainer in the field of non-formal education.

After a career in the field of psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Marko focused on performing arts. As a co-author of several projects that implemented inclusive principles in contemporary dance and theater, he and his colloquies were focused on developing team work between artists and members of various marginalized groups (people with disabilities, veterans of wars in former Yugoslavia, users of psychiatric services, youth with developmental difficulties…).

He worked as a dramatist for several dance and theater productions: Curve for Gauss (Kriva za Gausa); Reset (awarded by the Festival of alternative and new theater, Serbia); Thanatos (Tanatos); Dogs (Psi); Hegel, and a long list of deceptions (Hegel i duga lista prevara); Aphanisis or on crossdressing (Afanisis ili o presvlačenju); Dora’s lend Oz (Dorina zemlja Oz), Winter story about Lana and her teddy bear (Zimska priča o Lani i njezinom plišanom medi), Spices (Vrste, awarded by the Association of ballet dancers of Serbia), Scrape…

During research for his MA programme Theory of Arts and Media, he simulated the process of factor analysis on 18 dance works, and created a matrix to dance analysis based on six factors. Results of this research have been published as a book “Four discursive points of dance practice” (Četiri diskurzivne tačke plesne prakse). Together with Jovana Rakić (choreographer and dancer, Serbia), he tried to test the way this matrix could be used in constructing a dance in the dance piece Scrape.

His papers have been published in magazines, journals and publications: Art and Media (Journal for Art and Media Studies), Scena (Theater Arts Review), Orchestra (dance magazine), Theatre within the context... and not just theatre (thematic publication issued after the international symposium organized by Hop.La! and Bitef polyphony), Sređivanje dvorišta – dijalozi o kulturi (publication of Association of independent cultural scene Serbia)…

He is the executive director of the Festival of socially engaged theater “Off the Frame/Van okvira”.


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